"Professionally baffled"

"Professionally baffled"

Am I a therapist, a mentor, an entrepreneur, a lecturer or an author? I shift fluently between these roles, but if I am asked to define myself as one of them I simply cannot. That is why I’ve started to call myself “professionally baffled”.

    During the course of my career and throughout my life, I have experienced many things that I haven’t been able to understand. It has become a habit of mine to process that which I cannot comprehend by immediately writing a book about it. When the book is written, I understand something of the subject, but nowhere near everything. So - I continue the process by giving lectures. After lecturing for a few years I usually begin to have a rudimentary understanding of the subject. 

    At that point, most often, I have already arrived at the next phenomenon that baffles me, and so the whole process begins anew. Since I’ve written 27 books and have travelled around in the world giving lectures, there seems to have been many things that I haven’t understood. The job description “professionally baffled” therefore seems to fit me quite well - even though, of course, it is with a “twinkle in the eye” that I use it.